Silent brake linings. Innovative Components for Wind Power Plants!

Linings with Brake Pads, Brake Pistons, Yaw-Bearing, Radial Bearings

Silent brake linings. For wind turbines, mechanical components take care for many functions. Electricity cannot be produced without them. ESB-VSB produces high quality linings, brake pads, yaw bearings and radial bearings in an excellent price-quality ratio. Thus, your wind turbines works not only with optimal reliability, but also with the best cost effectiveness.

More experience. Guarantees best consultation and assistance.

Silent brake linings. ESB-VSB offers: Planning, designing and consulting of wind power plants. ESB-VSB offers comprehensive and carefree planning and development of pitch and yaw systems and also brake systems for
the gearbox output shaft and all pitching aspects. For nearly all brakes you can use fibre glass as carrier plates. Let us help you
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