Planning and Designing for Wind Power Plants.

Company areal of 3.000 m 2. Planning and designing for wind power plants: Many years of experience in planning, designing and consulting of wind power plants. ESB-VSB offers comprehensive and carefree planning and development of pitch and yaw systems and also brake systems for the gearbox output shaft and all pitching aspects. This includes the development of specifications, layout of components and creating all necessary documents to apply for a certification. We offer the determination of all loads and the preparation for all different components.

Wind Power Plant Brakes:

A rotor brake must work under all weather conditions. Thus, many factors must be considered for the design. ESB-VSB is a leading expert in this field. Our pads and coverings fulfil the highest expectations! Moreover, they are extraordinary resilient for wear and tear – even in a compact design. Despite our carefully construction, noise and problems with sounds are possible in the area of the yaw movements. Such a disturbance of the near environment can cause the shutdown of the facility. For this problem, we offer a cost-effective solution.

Yaw Systems:

Yaw systems ensure an optimum in wind tracking. The yaw brake keeps the nacelle in place. The pads and coatings from ESB-VSB ensure the optimal alignment of the wind turbine’s nacelle.  Quiet running and low-maintenance.

Pitch systems control the position of all rotor blades of a wind turbine. Quite often, the interaction of all axles in a wind power plant presents problems. In the area of pitching, we work closely with well-known manufacturers of pitch controls.

Special Tasks:

ESB-VSB offers solutions for all special challenges in developing and optimizing of systems. For example, see our development of an encapsulated active yaw brake for offshore use. Their specialized brake claws boast with a better corrosion protection and a special brake pad with extended life cycle: It is also resistant against greases and most oils.

Please feel free to ask for our recommendations for your wind power plant. We can also assist you in determining and evaluating of loads. Read more.