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Brake System GE 1.5

Passive yaw brake systems for wind power plant

Passive yaw brake systems allow for the continuing braking of the nacelle of the wind turbine. Brake systems from ESB-VSB for wind turbines are cost effective and nearly maintenance-free due to their robust and simple design. High-class parts guarantee a high reliability. Thus, the wind turbine is nearly completely failsafe. Braking systems from ESB-VSB offer high efficiency during the complete life cycle of the turbine.

Applicable for:

  • GE Wind 1.5 series
  • Envision


  • Brake system completely selfsufficient
  • Epoxy resin coating
  • Long life cycle
  • No hydraulic system required
  • Leakage impossible
  • Low noise or noise-free
  • Compatible with grease and oil

Technical Data:

Pressure resistance long time 100 Mpa
Pressure resistance short time 150-200 MPa
Friction factor µ 0,2-0,6
Environment dry, greasy, oily
Working temperature min. -40 °C
Working temperatur max. +70 °C



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